Feelin' Groovy Lotion vs. CBD Oil Drops

May folks have asked about the "difference" between CBD Pain Creams (or balms or lotions or gels) and CBD Tinctures.  We start with the basics that pain creams are "topical" and massaged into the skin at the point of pain (like joint or muscle pain).  On the other hand, tinctures are taken orally and swallowed.  So, thinking about creams and tinctures is similar to the differences between Aspercreme and Aspirin.

So, in consuming CBD orally, the effect is not necessarily as "targetted" as it is with a cream that is locally applied.  Many individuals choose to have both products available to them so that they have greater flexibility in how they utilize CBD day-to-day.

The bottom line is that CBD - whether applied topically or consumed orally - will bind with receptors in an individual's body.  And, the CBD will bind with receptors as it comes in contact with them.  This means that some individuals may vary what CBD products they use and, particularly with CBD Tinctures and Lotions, they may use both products as needed and/or simultaneously.