Lab Results for CBD Products

In 2020, the number of federal laws and state laws that govern the use and sale of CBD products can be confusing.  Yipi Hipi has simplified matters in offering CBD products that are THC-free and that's lab tests are published right online!  

Why is this important?

Wherever you reside or travel, the local laws may indicate that you may or may not have a CBD product that contains THC.  Say you are living in Florida and buy a CBD tincture there that has a lawful amount of THC in it...but then you drive North to Savannah, Georgia for a weekend getaway...

In the State of Georgia, this CBD tincture that contains measurable amounts of THC may not be legal!  Yikes!  

Even worse, our Florida consumer may not have even known that her CBD tincture contained THC! Many (frankly, too many) CBD companies fail to test their products or to publish them for their customers to view.  This lack of transparency is a red flag as the consumer could not only run afoul of a local law when they travel, but also could find themselves facing termination from employment for a failed drug test! 

Be a smart consumer!  Request a copy of lab tests of CBD products you may wish to consume if they are not already conspicuously posted on the company's website.  Yipi Hipi posts its lab results - we care and it shows!

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