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What We're All About

Yipi Hipi values kindness, information, service, and safety. It’s the “k.i.s.s.” factor (kindness, information, service, and safety) that sets Yipi Hipi apart from others in this field. If Yipi Hipi’s products and values resonate with you, we invite you to join the Yipi Hipi Nation as a consultant!

Yipi Hipi’s founders were agog (it’s a word…great for Scrabble) at the lack of easily accessible and understandable information on CBD in the marketplace. They also were stymied (look it up) at the number of websites that sold CBD products with almost no information relating to the products’ ingredients, product size, country of origin, or product testing. Very little information about the products and how to use them seemed to exist.  Surely, they thought, someone had a mainstream product that had these key – yet basic – pieces of information associated with them!? 

When they didn’t find companies that met their expectations, they decided to do it themselves.  And, Yipi Hipi was born. With its establishment also came the commitment to help build a nation of consultants who care for a customer’s experience.  They love to answer questions “the old fashioned way” and provide astounding customer service with kindness and solid information!

Very deliberately, Yipi Hipi is creating a network of consultants who want to be trusted experts. As a trusted expert, a consultant has those one-on-one and personal conversations with friends, family, fans and other folks about Yipi Hipi’s menu of products.  

Does this sound like you - then you may be interested in being a consultant in the Yipi Hipi Nation!

Yipi Hipi is proud of its products and strives to ensure that its consultants share in this confidence. Yipi Hipi tests its products twice – at manufacturing and post-processing. This additional expense to ensure product safety is part of the Yipi Hipi magic! We publish the lab results right on the website!   #feelsgoodtodogood

We invite you to join the Yipi Hipi Nation as a consultant of the k.i.s.s. values resonate with you. If you are service-oriented and like to help people, you just may have found a perfect match. 

To become a "Hipi," you must complete an application (gotta be over 21 years old, for example), pay for your online and on-demand training ($120), and then will receive your replicated website to share with friends, family, and the world to receive 25% commissions on sales associated with your link! 

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Got a few more questions?  Contact Elvis by email ( or telephone (855-453-5847).