Peppermint CBD Drops - 1500 mg CBD

Peppermint CBD Drops - 1500 mg CBD

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Drop On By!  These drops are made from industrial hemp!  This CBD tincture contains 1500 mg of CBD per one ounce bottle!  Each bottle has a measured dropper - a true convenience!   THC-free and all PCR Hemp! Yay!  

Often a squirt of drops in the morning and later in the evening is used - swishing in the mouth before swallowing.  The light peppermint flavor is a crowd pleaser!

Yipi Hipi's CBD Tincture (drops) are made from high-quality Hemp grown and processed right here in the U.S. of A.!  Some people call it CBD Oil, but technically, this is a tincture that is  lovely blend of high-grade CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and other amazing and naturally occurring ingredients from the (legal) Hemp Plant.

View our Certificate of Analysis (COA)  click here.

DETAILS & INGREDIENTS: 1 ounce bottle contains 1500 MG of CBD. Ingredients: PCR Hemp oil. Natural Flavor. No dyes.

HOW TO USE: Well, this goes in your mouth, people. Some folks consume 10 drops (0.6 ml) of CBD Tincture in the morning and again in the evening. This is also known as taking it twice a day. Most people don't necessarily count the drops because they have better things to do and eye-ball the dropper level, but we advise counting the drops first and starting at maybe three or four drops and then adjust up or down to your liking. Anyway, some people combine their tincture in a beverage (coffee is a popular one) and others just do a squirt under their tongue and swirl it a bit for absorption. Do not put this in your ear; you'll just make a mess and be dissatisfied.