Oral Spray Set - Perk-Me-Up, Sleepy & Get Zen

Oral Spray Set - Perk-Me-Up, Sleepy & Get Zen

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These oral sprays are derived from industrial hemp and have a light citrus flavor.  This set of oral sprays is a wonderful deal from Yipi Hipi! Regularly $25.99 per spray, the set is well-priced at $65.00!  

These "pen sized" sprays are convenient and easy to use. The CBD enhances the other ingredients for homeostasis and the intended effects.  For example, the Perk-Me-Up Spray includes green tea extracts for energy.  Sleepy Spray includes melatonin.  And, the Get Zen is intended for calming relaxation.  The spray nozzle is easy to use - 3 to 6 pumps at a time and one or two times per day.  

The Sleepy Spray is great on your bedside table for pre-bedtime regiment or to go back to sleep if wakefulness occurs.  Mild, THC-Free!

Dragging at the end of the work day? Perk-Me-Up may be a subtle way to win the battle grogginess!

Check out the video on these oral sprays and their Certificates of Analysis:

Sleepy Spray COA

Perk-Me-Up COA

Get Zen COA

Made in the USA.  Each spray bottle contains 52 mg of PCR Hemp(CBD) and the bottle is .25 ounces.

Ingredients for each Spray are listed in the links below:

Sleepy Spray

Perk-Me-Up Spray

Get Zen Spray