Yipi Hipi Facial Toner!

Yipi Hipi Facial Toner!

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Everyone loves Facial Toner - that finishing touch after washing your face that tingles!  This is the elixir that gets that stubborn dirt and debris out of your facial pores with just a dab on a cotton ball that glides over your face and neck.  This toner is set on Hydrate!  The formulation includes a precise blend of natural extracts with a bonus of 20 mg of CBD.  The bottle also is perfectly sized to carry for a mid-day touch up and an easy night-time reboost!

Made in the USA.  

Check out the Certificate of Analysis and the facial cleanser video for Yipi Hipi's line here

DETAILS:  4 Ounce bottle contains 20 mg CBD. THC-Free. Pump Dispenser. THC-Free.


HOW TO USE: Facial Toner should not be consumed or applied to the eyes, nostrils, or ears. Pump toner onto a cotton ball until sufficiently wet to apply toner all across the face and up the neck. Feel the tingle of clean! Allow to air dry.